Finding Your Mac Address On Wired And Wireless Network Cards

When you work at home and have lots of devices to connect to a router, you need the best. You can have many computers, printers, and other things that need to be hung.

If you are in the implementation process of a local network, you would definitely use router’s default IP address, referred from This is an IP address that is used in a LAN setting. Its characteristics are designed to facilitate local network configuration.

IP is like your street address – if you have it, a “factor” will not go through your mailbox. So if you talk to your provider and get a static IP address, your messages will not miss your server.

This publication will outline for you the three essential concepts you must understand to configure a wireless router on your own. I’ll explain the best way to do this without using the installation CD that is included with your router and not some fancy gadgets or buttons made to try to configure a single router without thread. Although most of these approaches may seem simple and easy on the surface, they do not always work. They also keep you isolated from any kind of familiarity with what is actually happening. In cases where a single mistake is made, you may be stuck and be forced to turn to someone else for help.

Change your SSID. If a person wants to enter your home network knows your SSID, we can say that it is already a little more to do. Use the IP address to access your Control Panel and change your SSID to something unique. Meanwhile SSID Broadcast should be disabled.

He will ask for a user name and password. Refer to your manual for the user name and password. It depends on the model and brand of router you use. However, by the usual default user name is empty and the default password is “admin”.

NOTE: With these tools likely to identify someone on your network increases, but not prevent them from having access to your network. Other tools exist that described in this article, but the goal is to show you the different types of tools and how to use them.

Things are a little techy from that time. The tasks we have to do is quite simple, however, if you have any questions, please ask a technical friend first or consult the online help from the Internet as an error in the steps below could cause your computer to malfunction or cause you Internet connectivity problems.

We have to walk before we can run. I recommend that first you create a wired connection between your router and the PC in question. Make sure you have communication in both directions. (You may need to temporarily invest the PC near the router to connect a Category 5 cable 100BaseT LAN between the router and the PC.) Then create an unsecured wireless link. Finally, make sure the wireless link.

You are now good to surf the web, browse your favorite websites, print documents, send and receive mails, share media files through public record or play games with friends.